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Fred Bungay is a visual artist based in London. He is currently studying a Masters in Fine Art @ Goldsmiths University London. He has exhibited and screened work in London, Kassel, Edinburgh, Warwick, Bath and Belfast.





Fred Bungay's practice takes on the language of sculptural artefacts, pseudo-relics and installation spaces that summon fragmented and fictionalised kingdoms into the consciousness of the viewer. The work vocalises hidden earth traumas and enables the participant to uncover new mythological meanings from a long history of industrial land-use.


Threading together the politics of landscape formation, industrialisation and entropic considerations, his work placates the viewer into spectacular but unnervingly visceral scenarios that reference both the subjective construction of history and the underlying economics of fossil capital. The states of being created are both dangerously seductive in their textural and romanticised languages, while intentionally referencing the violent politics that frames them.


Although his practice addresses global trends in land usage, the point of focus is often on one site of mediation such as a factory or mine. He is able to articulate the nuances of territory, proximity and local identity to reflect on shifts in meaning through the encrusted layers of a site’s history and project this outward to larger environmental considerations.  


Embodying the persona of an alchemist, historian and magician: he conjures entropic matter, materializes hidden energies and reveals the otherness in mineral remains. By placating the audience into ths world of untapped potentials and mystic ideologies, his work leaves viewers in a position of dilemma and responsibility that initiates re-evaluations of accelerated culture and the Anthropocene.